I introduce myself, it's Charlie it's been a while that I wanted to talk to you a little about me on April 12, 1995 I was born with a dream that push me to make a passion for the music all began in 2009 or I saw Origin of symmetry from MUSE thought I was born at the right time I could have been in the middle age is wearing a short pants, but now I saw RADIOHEAD pass, U2, GREEN DAY an extraordinary advent for already 24 years on this small planet.

My intrument and software

In terms of main instrument I have a - M -audio code 25 - MIDI But the basis for me is the guitar I have 3 guitar currently one - ibanez rg series and two acoustic guitar and I also have a keyboard - Yamaha - and a ukulele - bird - 

I mix my songs with Cubase and I make my videos with Camtasia Studio.


 Apprenez à prononcer


I'm inspired by how I feel - Syd Matters - OASIS - QUEEN - JIMI HENDRIX or whatever comes to mind when my inspiration comes. I am very random in the musicality.


Soundcloud is my main music platform you also find me on bandcamp and AudioMack but all the novelty is on Soundcloud at the moment we are 1700 and I thank you for it, it comes closer and closer to my dream and I hope to go even further.


Soundcloud, bandcamp and many other sites where you have like, share, repost...

to all of you thank you and wish to see you soon

                               on AVADAPOLIS


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